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Wisdom of the ranger Toth Arpad


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Wisdom of the ranger / Wanderer. A woodsman's tale Carte de poezii in limbile engleza, greaca, franceza si rusa. Toth Arpad (penname Artangel) is a prominent poet and writer in contemporary Romania. He was born in Sacele, Brasov, where hefinished his first grades then he moved to Covasna County wherehe will become, as a student, a literary award winner in poetry andRomanian language, in Papauti and Targu-Secuiesc.His academic background includes two degrees, Civil Law andSilviculture. He is currently working as a Forestry Engineer, commisionedTechnical Secretary to the Forest District of Comandau.[...] Toth Arpad is also very active in the field of literature. He published more than a dozen of books to date and his works were highly-praised by readers andcritics. His most popular work ...

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